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What's up {{answer_7462993}}? I'm Marc's digital consciousness. It's good to meet you.

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If you don't, I can work with you on a name and/or tag line.
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How long have you been operating? How did it all start? What are your values? What is your vision for the brand?
Where can I find your website, if you have one?

Who are your main competitors? *

If they have websites, please include their URLs as well.
And, what is the single most important thing that sets you apart from the competition? *

Tell me about your unique competitive advantage so we can harness its glorious power. MwuhahahahaHAHAHA! Sorry, got carried away there.
Which of the following words do you feel best describes your business?

At least I didn't ask "if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"

Okay {{answer_7462993}}, you're halfway there! Okay, sorry, I'm lying. You're 37% there. Now, tell me about your target market.

Is your target audience primarily male or female? *

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And what does their financial situation look like? *

How will they find and learn about your brand? *

What else can you tell us about your customers, {{answer_7462993}}? *

Briefly describe their values, decision-making process and, if you already have a brand, how they currently perceive it.
Almost done, I promise. Let's talk budget & timeline.

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Custom packages start at $1,000, and vary according to each client's individual needs.

Project Timeline *

Project time frames will vary according to your needs and my current workload. While I don’t recommend rushing the design process, I'll always do my best to accommodate if you're in a squeeze.

Any special objectives or expectations that we didn't cover?

Do you require an NDA? Do you want to own the project source files?
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